Chinese Journal of Guidance and Counseling, Call for Papers for Special Issue
Disaster and Counseling

Professor Chih-Hung Wang (National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan)
Professor Chia-Chen Chao (University of Taipei, Taiwan)
Professor Reiko Yoshikawa (Tokai University, Japan)

The global pandemic of Coronavirus COVOD-19 has caused global physical health threats and psychological health shocks, whether it is fear and panic of infection, emotional impact on home quarantine or isolation, and economic difficulties due to the epidemic. Interpersonal conflicts caused by epidemic prevention or mental health problems such as internet addiction and domestic violence arising from home extension due to fear of the spread of epidemic disease and their corresponding ways, which deserve the attention of guidance and counseling professionals. These biological epidemics are not individual cases. Significant disasters include SARS and MERS. The minor disasters include influenza and dengue fever, plus the natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, heavy rain, tsunami, and volcanic eruptions.  or significant traffic accidents such as plane crashes and train derailments, or unexpected events such as fires, dust explosions, oil pipe explosions, terrorist attacks and nuclear power leakage. Whether it is a natural or human-made disaster, it will cause severe destruction and damage to people's lives, property, and environment of the world. It will bring significant trauma and sorrow to the mental health of the people. As a result, there is an urgent need for psychological counseling and psychotherapy. Guidance and counseling professionals should understand and respond to these counseling needs caused by disasters. At this moment, when COVOD-19 continues to spread, the Chinese Journal of Guidance and Counselling specifically plan this special issue on “disasters and counseling” and solicit contributions from scholars around the world. It is hoped that relevant helping professionals will jointly discuss the psychological crisis of the disaster in-depth, and actively build a psychological turning point of counseling, cultivating the present, reviewing the past, and inspiring the future.

Professionals in the field of guidance and counseling, as well as cross-disciplinary professionals, are welcome to participate in the submission. Topics include (but not limited to):
1. Different types of mental health problems of people from different backgrounds caused by disasters.
2. The mental health policy and related counseling strategies in response to disaster-induced mental health problems.
3. Mental health problems of helping professionals caused by disasters or disaster relief.
4. The psychological process and experience of helping professionals during disaster relief.
5. All relevant theoretical constructions, intervention programs, case studies, literature reviews, qualitative or quantitative empirical studies related to disasters are also welcome.

Deadline for submission:
The deadline will be adjusted flexibly based on the actual review status of the manuscript.

Remarks: Manuscripts in Chinese and English are welcome. The submission format and procedures should follow the submission requirements of the Chinese Journal of Guidance and Counseling. Please indicate the special issue of "Disaster and Counseling" submit the manuscript to the email: [email protected] and considering the needs of epidemic prevention and encouraging submission, all manuscripts submitted for this special issue will be processed through accelerated review.